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Mr. Magic Paint offers a wide array of services.  These services include: interior and exterior painting, pressure washer cleaning (windows, walkways, driveways and patio floors), minor drywall repairs and texture (orange peel, splatter, and knockdown), custom driveway and garage floor coatings, wood finishing (stain, varnish) and log cabins (using Sikkens products).
What to expect from your Orlando Painting Contractor – Mr. Magic Paint, LLC:

 Bidding process: Our Orlando Paint estimator meets with you, go over the painting work you want done on your house and provide you  with a list of references. We answer any questions or concerns you may have about your project. Then follow up with a comprehensive proposal detailing the specifics, including materials and exact cost of the work to be done.

• Scheduling: We focus on accommodating your scheduling needs, compromising our best with your goal dateline.  When a signed proposal is received, the job is scheduled and an approximate start date is confirmed.

 Doing the Work: All painting work is done in proper sequence and in accordance with paint manufacturer’s specifications. Surface preparation (i.e. pressure washing, scraping, caulking and sanding, etc.) is done first, then the priming followed by the finish painting. The field supervisor will inspect the work periodically while it is ongoing to ensure that it is running smoothly and according to plan.

• Completing the work: We will let you know a day or so before we expect to complete the work. This gives you an opportunity to inspect it and ensure that you are completely satisfied. Painters wrap up the job and take care of any touch ups to your full satisfaction. When the job is completely done, the field supervisor will complete a walk-through with the owner and/or supervisor.  If within the first week you notice anything that is not to your satisfaction, we will meet with you within forty-eight (48) hours of your call to discuss your concern and/or rectify any problems.